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When animals are abandoned and find themselves at the shelter, their world is turned upside down. Their days at the shelter can be some of the most stressful and confusing experiences of their lives. Many dogs get scared, shut down, and as a result, they may snap/bite to protect themselves in a stressful situation. Therefore, sometimes when the shelter's remarks indicate that a dog is "aggressive" or "dangerous" etc., this information may be misleading. As a result of this, some dogs remain and will remain at high risk at Modesto shetler, often placed in the remote 700s block (chop block), which is not accessible by regular volunteers/public; only rescue representatives. 


The Rescue Support Team (volunteers) of Modesto shelter work closely with the shelter staff and rescues to identify and evaluate "high risk" dogs, and arrange professional trainers (approx $100 per visit)/boarding to give the full opportunity to those who deserve it. We can't save them all, because some can't be saved whether due to medical or severe behavioral issues, but every dog deserves a fair chance of assessment by qualified people.  


Many mislabeled/misqualified dogs that you see on these photos (few selected examples only) would have been dead killed if not for our team's efforts. Once out of the shelter and after they had a chance to decompress, these dogs blossomed into happy, loving creatures. Look at their big smiles, love in their eyes!  That's why we do what we do! Dogs are medicine; they bring joy, happiness, and unconditional love to people. 


In honor of Turbo, our beloved boy, who was killed while three dog rescues as well as the public were begging to release him, we have established Turbo Memorial Fund, under a nonprofit organization's umbrella. Turbo Memorial Fund will support independent trainer assessments and evaluations of fearful/mislabeled dogs located at Modesto shelter. We would like everyone who has already donated towards Turbo to transfer their donations towards other dogs in need. New donations from others are very much appreciated as well! Every dollar counts! Let every dog from the shelter  that exits the shelter alive takes her/his freedom walk in honor of Turbo. 


Turbo's spirit will continue to live through the lives of other dogs that are given a chance. 


Please donate via Paypal at: with the note indicating the name of specific dog, if any, that you would like to support. Donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Thank you! 

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