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Turbo Memorial Fundraiser


Hey folks… it’s a long read, please spare a minute. My eyes still well up with tears as I think about our good boy Turbo... in his memory: 


PAWS UP & TAILS A-WAGON! An anonymous Oregon donor will match up to $1,500 as a gift for their birthday in November & a Thanksgiving gift for THE TURBO MEMORIAL FUND to support the Stanislaus Animal Services Agency (SASA) dogs in need:


PLEASE consider donating via Paypal at: or through this website at with the note indicating “TURBO MEMORIAL FUND.”  ALL Donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. There is no such thing as small donations.


THE TURBO MEMORIAL FUND has been providing a safety net for the most disadvantaged dogs at SASA for over a year. The fund continues to sponsor independent trainer assessments, urgent boarding, and transport, as needed, to dogs that critically need help, the ones that have the least chances. The dogs that you see in these pictures left the shelter alive to begin a second chance because of your generosity to the fund. The fund has sponsored their trainer assessments that ultimately led to their rescue. These lucky kids, just to name a few…..Theo, Hannah, Narcissa, Willow, Cleo, Munroe, Oso…oh, Kalei 

They were given that amazing opportunity to exit SASA alive in honor of our good & beloved boy, Turbo.


On behalf of the SASA animals who wait for us to help them, we THANK YOU ALL for your ongoing support. Our rescue community/Rescue Support Team keeps on providing help to the animals around the clock. We are very grateful for all the lives that are saved and improved daily.  


 Learn more about the Turbo Memorial Fund:


Questions?Want to get involved? Email: 

Never forget you, Turbo RIP

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