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About Us

This website was created in honor of Turbo, a 7 year old pitbull. Turbo was dumped by his owner and found himself at Modesto shelter during the global pandemic. On March 2, 2020, on intake, Turbo was marked 'Green' by staff; it means he was friendly and healthy. He was placed in an adoption gallery and was available for the public. Per staff/volunteers, he was taken in the play yard, he knew how to sit and shake for treats. After having an evaluation with only one of the shelter employees (which is a breach of public shelter rules, all dog evaluations must have 2 or more staff while performing the assessment), the shelter deemed Turbo a vicious dog and put him on the kill list. After months of fighting for his life, countless rescues offering to take him at no extra cost, and even an offer of up to $50,000, the shelter management still refused to release Turbo to rescues, and on the afternoon of July 2, 2020, they murdered Turbo in cold blood.

Mission Statement:

We are a team of volunteers/guardians of Modesto shelter animals dedicated to: 

          1)  Supporting Modesto shelter animals to help find them homes and to ensure humane care for all of the animals. 

          2)  Increasing awareness about severe animal overpopulation in the Central Valley and promoting responsible pet ownership.


          3) Providing resources to save the most vulnerable dogs located in the isolated 700s block at Modesto shelter. 

          4) Our goal is to avoid future cases similar to Turbos by having access to the dogs on the 700s block, as well as having private specialists come in to stimulate, train, and rehabilitate, all dogs in the custody of the Modesto Shelter.


Please join us on our journey to bring justice and humanity to all dogs. Follow our efforts on  

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